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Diving into French Culture

by Katie E. This week has been filled with learning about authentic French culture. Theater, movies, and chocolate, could life get any sweeter? We stayed out late on Wednesday night to go to the Café Théâtre where we saw a small scale reproduction of Un Petit Jeu Sans Consequences while in an underground theater. Thursday was spent at the Puyricard chocolate factory where we got to sample all different types of chocolate, even one with pieces of 24 karat gold inside. Katie E. chocolate Almost all of Thursday was spent at the beach in Ciotat. I got a tan, went swimming in beautiful water, and I ate my first Magnum ice cream bar (I got the infinity chocolate flavor and it was amazing). We finished the day by having dessert at a restaurant and learning different phrases you would need to go shopping in France; that in particular is very useful to me seeing as going into random stores I see while I’m walking through Aix is almost an everyday occurrence. Today, Friday, we had classes, electives, cooking group, and finished the day off with a movie, The Intouchables (it was great by the way, I highly recommend it). This day was definitely on the more relaxing side, most likely to let us rest before a very exciting weekend.