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Dias en Barcelona

The past few days have been full of trips around Barcelona.

On Wednesday, we went to a market in the center of Barcelona during Spanish class. The market was so busy and full of interesting and exotic foods. We picked up ingredients for some classic Spanish dishes. I made patatas bravas and got to try other people’s dishes in the class, like cream Catalina and tortillas. Later that day, we went to the beach and had a great time with the whole group. The beaches here are beautiful; the water is so clear!

Today, Thursday, a few of us got to shoot a short film with our visiting friends, Max and Justyna. We shot in small cafes and side streets in Barcelona and afterward, at a park designed by Gaudí. It had an incredible view and amazing architecture.

We had another group picnic in the park, and everyone is so close, it feels like we have been here for months!