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Deuxième Juor in Aix!

For our second day in Aix, we had the great opportunity to see the Tour de France! The famous bike race runs 3000km around France, and this year the tour celebrates its 100th year! It was very exciting to see first the cars with ads giving candies, hats, pens, etc. to the crowd to increase suspense while waiting for the cyclists to pass by.

Then we took our students to lunch in small groups divided between our staff, Sophie, Agathe, and Jen. During lunch, we gave them all the tricks on how to organize their budget and grocery shopping for economic and healthy meals to share with their flatmates. At the supermarket, all of the students chose almost the same food, such as fruits and vegetables. But our only two boys, Brandon and Samuel, made sure they had a lot of protein in their basket, too! P1000034

They’ve all done a great job and demonstrated good investment and attention during the day. In the afternoon, we had the main Orientation meeting and time to relax. Later we had a delicious dinner in a restaurant on a terrace and went on a photo hunt to discover the most curious places of Aix.

-Nina Lopez

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