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Delayed Trains, Matisse, and More!

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Our schedule for the past few days had to shift, because all the trains were delayed. Instead of letting that affect us, we worked around the problem, taking buses and having fun all the way.

My roommate and I had a relaxing day in St-Laurent-du-Var, and at dinner, our host mother mentioned that there are Zumba classes where we study in the mornings. We thought that since we are in France, why not go to a local Zumba class!? It was hilarious and involved much more salsa dancing than we expected. Little did we know that the practice would come in handy.

The next night, after spending the afternoon in Nice and eating quiche on the beach, we salsa danced in the streets! There were many couples dancing, and loud music blasted throughout the city. We danced with our Abbey Road peers and even met and danced with French locals! It was a wonderful experience.

Today, we headed straight for Nice in the morning to see the Matisse Museum. We had gone to the Museum of Contemporary Art prior to this, but their Matisse exhibit did not contain his real works. This morning, we were lucky enough to explore three floors of original Matisse creations, and each was more intriguing than the next. After eating a croque monsieur at a local cafe, I went to visit the chapel and gardens on the museum grounds. The architecture, details, paintings, and much more of the church were astounding and breathtaking! Afterward, we saw the gardens in front of the monastery. These gardens, with rosebushes and flowers sprinkled everywhere in sight, were a stunning reminder of the beauty to be found in the South of France.


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