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Cuatro Dias!


Hola! I can’t believe I only have four days left in Barcelona! I never thought a month could go by so fast. Our group has had so much fun exploring the city, and over the last couple days we’ve seen some amazing sites and events.

On Saturday, we went into the center of the city and saw the castellers. These people assemble themselves into human castles, even using children to climb to the top! It was very exciting and scary to watch.

On Sunday, we went to a concert in the park called Picnick Electronick. We set up a blanket to lay our stuff on and had a picnic. There were also shops set up with lots of different kinds of clothes and foods. Here’s a picture of my friends Cami, Natalia, Tate, and I listening to the DJ at the event.

On Monday, we went to visit the Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia is a modern Gothic church designed by Gaudi. The church is still under construction and should be done in 2026, but even under construction it is still the most beautiful church I have seen. Here is a picture of the ceiling which is my favorite part of the church.

Now I’m off with my class to visit the Barcelona Science Museum! Hasta luego! -Carly