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Couldn’t Stand the Heat

Thursday night we had a soccer game amongst the students at a local, outdoor turf field. It was a blast to see all of those who participated release a competitive side and showcase their athleticism. I slept like a log after all the running in the games and then challenging my roommate, Ben, to a race home.

On Friday, I had my first quiz in Italian class, which I think went well. Later, we had our cuisine class where we made bruschetta and a pesto sauce.

We were going to see “The Lone Ranger” in English at an Italian movie theater at 8:30, but I came down with a bad fever and ended up staying in all night. I hoped that by morning I would be fully healed; when I woke up my fever was gone, but I had a headache. I hoped this wouldn’t hold me back, because we were going to the town of Lucca to ride bikes. When I got home from breakfast, I was experiencing some stomach troubles and soon realized it would be best if I did stay back at the residence and use today for recovery. Hopefully this will be the last of my troubles in Italy, as I would like to enjoy the rest of my time here without anymore illnesses. Here’s my gum infection update: I have been taking penicillin and using my rinse and the swelling is going down. I will be seeing the dentist again on Monday at 6:30.

Praying all the sickness is over with -Anthony

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