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Concerts, French Films, and Old Nice

Bonsoir! This week has been a blast!

Last night, we all went to the Nice Jazz Festival. We saw John Legend and C2C perform live… they were phenomenal!

This morning after French class, we all ventured to the market to purchase produce and baked goods, and a crucial part of our assignment was to communicate with vendors solely in French. This assignment was very helpful for all of us in regards to our spoken French.

This afternoon, some of us went snorkeling, while I went with some friends to watch a movie (in French, of course) at the French cinema. It was beautiful, and the angles were very unique and typical to French films.

Tonight, we had some free time to further explore Old Nice. My friends and I went to a restaurant for a leisurely dinner and grabbed some crepes afterward; when in France…

This week has been just as exciting as the last, and I eagerly anticipate what is to come!


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