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College Visits, College Visits, and More College Visits!
by Student, Alexis R. , Tennessee

We’ve been touring so many colleges, and thus walking so much that I actually feel that my legs are getting toned. I guess I’m not missing my workout then!

On Wednesday, we toured Tufts. The campus was beautiful, the architecture was amazing, and the class buildings were arranged in a way that was very practical. They had a specific building for each field, yet you could still meet people studying pretty much anything, because the facilities were all grouped in a yard. Tufts is located on top of a hill, so the campus was very green and (to our dismay) also had lots of stairs! I found the campus very nice, but they do not offer a bachelor’s degree in business, so I wasn’t too interested in this school. After the tour, an admissions counselor working at Tufts talked to us a little and gave very helpful advice about our applications and how to write our college essays.

On Thursday we had the usual classes, but the interesting part of the day was going to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, perhaps most famous for being the site of one of the most mysterious art thefts in history. Two Rembrandt paintings were stolen from the galleries in the early ’90s. The funny thing is that when Isabella died, she demanded that the museum remained unchanged after her death, so when the robbery happened and the exhibition room was left with two empty frames, they were forced to leave them empty. Other than that, the museum was beautiful, especially the ancient part, which was essentially art from the Middle Ages. Isabella Stewart Gardner also had an exquisite interior garden, full of beautiful plants and Greek statues. I loved this museum, because the Middle Ages are my favorite historical period, and I really felt transported in that era when standing in the different exhibit rooms.

On Friday, we visited Harvard. It was my second time going there, and the experience was completely different. This time, instead of doing a historical tour, we actually had an admissions visit, meaning we got to learn about life as a Harvard student. Harvard has always been my dream school, and just walking through the campus, visiting the facilities, etc. motivated me even more to achieve what I have always dreamed of! Plus, Harvard really does have an amazing campus!


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