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College Prep Program: Second Week in Boston
by Student, Madison J.

The weekend came just in time! We were all exhausted from staying up late, doing our homework and talking to each other. I needed some downtime and finally got a good night’s sleep. The weekend weather was beautiful so my friends and I continued to get to know Boston. We walked around and did some shopping at a nearby mall; Emerson’s location is perfect because it is close to restaurants, parks, and shops. However, the best part of the weekend was watching the World Cup with all of my friends from around the world.  
We screamed and cheered until our throats were hoarse and then screamed some more. The weekend quickly came to a close and it was back to work; another SAT, more writing and then we worked on our activity sheets/resumes. It was so helpful to see all that I have accomplished in my 2 years of high school and how much more I want to accomplish. Seeing everything in writing put it all in perspective. Because I love this area so much, I was excited to visit UMass, Boston. While it may not be the college for me, it was a nice school.
My friends and I all agree that the city of Boston is a perfect size and the perfect city. It has a wonderful combination of stores, public transportation, and parks to make it maneuverable and easy to navigate. I wasn’t sure if I would like living in a city and I do – only if that city is Boston! As my program is quickly coming to an end, I can’t believe how much I am learning; not only about the SATs and the college process but about myself. This program has made me think about what I want for my future and how to get there.
It has also opened my eyes to making new friends from around the world, friends who I hope to visit in the future. Most importantly, I realized that I am almost ready to take on the challenge of college but am glad that I have two more years of high school. This has been an amazing journey and I am so lucky that I was able to experience it!


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