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College Prep: Madison’s Journal
by Student, Madison A. , Massachusetts

Journal: First Entry

night 1:

Interesting start. I didn’t want my mom to leave at all. She’s my comfort blanket and I didn’t want to let her go!! But once she did I began to settle in, unpack and meet the girls in my suite. Then as I was trying to log in to the wifi my mom called, I thought “already?!?!”. Turns out she had given me all of her money and she then realized she had to pass through tolls! So I ran back out and gave her 5$ on my way back in I saw Sara, a girl in my suite. I saw her heading out and asked if I could tag along. Me being a Bostonian I know my way around. Sara from Italy had no idea where she was going! So I showed her around the public gardens pointed out the swan boats and duck tours told her all about the awesome stores on Newberry and Boylston street.

We made a plan to go shopping at some point over these next 2 weeks! Once we got back in I tried hooking up to the wifi. This was a very frustrating process, I got it on my phone but it wasn’t working on my laptop, my roommate and I looked up solutions and how to fix it and log in but we couldn’t do it so I called apple support and the woman on the phone talked to me and told me that I had to update my hardware and she could transfer me to a technician who could help for 180$!!!!! (but the wifi was working just that morning at my house!) so I said thanks but no thanks, and then Mone, my roommate and I asked Ellen and she told us to go ask the girl at the front desk. So we did. It took her a few tries and about 20 mins, but she got it to work! Then when as we were coming up our peers were going down to dinner. Once we got to the cafeteria there was a LONGGGG line we waited, yet when we got up to get food the only thing there was broccoli (not even kidding!) so we waited,  I got impatient so I just got a salad.

After dinner, the girls in my suite wanted to explore. Kyla is from Long Island, Alana is from Manhattan,  Candice is from China and Sara is from Italy (Mone is from Westwood, but she didn’t come with us) some being the only one familiar with Boston I led us around. I showed the girls the public gardens and we walked about half way up Newberry street and saw a Ben and Jerry’s and ran in. We then proceeded to head back to the Public gardens where we ate our ice cream and watched the sunset.

day 1:

I woke up at 7 to the piercing sound of my annoying alarm. Once I got ready, my roommates and I went to breakfast and then to our first class where we took a never-ending SAT practice test (physically I don’t think I can do 3 more of those!), but I just have to keep in mind that they will help in the long run. After the practice test I ate lunch in the common room then we went to our second class where we did a few different “get to know you” activities then we began writing. We were given an essay prompt where we were supposed to discuss our identity/passion  I was stumped at first but Anne helped me and I decided to talk about lacrosse and health/fitness. After the last class my dad took me out to dinner (he works right around the corner) he then walked me back to Emerson and here I am now preparing for night 2!

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