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College Prep: Madison’s Journal #2
by Student, Madison A. , Massachusetts

Journal Entry #2

Night 2:

I feared I had begun a rather strange sleep pattern waking up for the second night in a row at 2:30 am on the dot.

Day 2:

I woke up, got ready, ate breakfast, and went to my first SAT prep class with Patrick. I could already tell I was going to love him! He was very helpful, witty and kind. We went over tips and tricks to help us in the SATs.

After class, I met my dad again for lunch. We went to the Public Gardens and sat on the benches where I worked on my SAT homework. When I went to the afternoon class we were given an interesting task. We had a few options for writing; it was to write about your identity. But, you had to write it in the form of a Craigslist ad, a ghost story, a crime scene report, a review of your life written as a novel, or a set of directions for a board game. I chose to write mine as a review of my life. It was quite challenging at first but once I got it, and understood my task I took off with it and I’m happy with the way it is turning out.

Night 3:

Then after night classes, the whole program went to P.F Changs, it was delicious!!!! I got a spicy chicken and for dessert, some of the girls and I split a HUGE piece of cake! I then came home and fell right to sleep! I broke my odd, wake up at 2:30, sleep pattern!

Day 3:

I woke up extra early so I could take a shower. In our SAT class, we focused more on reading comprehension. After the class Mone and I did some homework then we went on a tour of Tufts University. It was quite interesting. I learned a lot, the tour guide was much helpful. She told us all about the traditions the school had and all of the clubs and activities.

Although Tufts isn’t necessary a college I’d be interested in I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Then when we got back from the tour I ate dinner and worked on some more homework. During the night class, we did more of the creative writing and conferenced with Anne to work on our essays one-on-one.

Then Candice, Alana and I walked to CVS and got some ice cream and relaxed in the common room until curfew.

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