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Classes and Excursions in Cádiz 2018
by Student, Asha H. , Kansas City, MO

Happy hump day! Wow, these days have gone by so fast, I can’t believe it! One minute you’re arriving at the airport and the next almost two weeks have already gone by! As you already know, I’m going to break down my very fun week for you and here we goo!!….


Every day we have Spanish class at 10 am. We usually talk about certain themes every day (food, movies etc) in class then go out and ask the local people about those topics. Our class lasts from 10am-1pm and besides, I love everyone in our group so it definitely makes everything more enjoyable. So now for the yummy part… the market! The flower market right by our class has everything one could ever want (flowers, amazing fruits, delicious cheap restaurants).
I went with some friends to this placed named “Chévere” (a Venezuelan word meaning cool) and ordered arepas. However, these were just some ordinary arepas, they were so incredible (filled with pork, guacamole, and gouda!) my mouth is already watering thinking about them again. So, after food what must you have? Dessert!! The gelato there was probably the best place I’ve been to in Cádiz. Again, just one of those things you had to be there for. Hopefully, I’ve made you hungry enough to want to come to Cádiz!:) (11/10 recommend btw)!
oreo y chocolate gelato

Of course every day we have time for a siesta! Don’t worry, if you’re anything like me then after I eat with my host mom I sleep! My roommates usually go shopping or hang out with the other people in our group, (which I do every now and then) but sleeping gives me time to relax and chill out for a bit. Today, however, my friends and I took pictures around the area just for fun. We went around pretty fountains and one of my favorites, the flower market ten or so minutes from my house.
At 5 pm we have our electives (either Spanish conversations or photography). I have photography and today we had a photoshoot! We went to “Parque Genovés” which is basically a park filled with beautiful flowers and waterfalls! In Kansas City, our parks are usually with slides and swings but here, there are waterfalls!! I mean, doesn’t this look so serene? I love it!

Parque Genovés”

Right after that, I had another photoshoot!! This was one of my favorites because we just had some free time to relax and hang out before dinner. We are always running about and doing some activity, so sometimes it’s just so nice to chill out and hang with some friends. I, Talia, and Eric just went around our neighborhoods (it’s so funny because we live almost right next to each other) and took cute pictures.
friends in Cadiz
(Notice the Bermuda sweatshirt my amazing roommates got me!!)

Cadiz flower market
The flower market we took pictures by. This is one of my favorite places because not only is there amazing, local food but also because everything is so open and there are at least five or six huge stores selling flowers. Rarely would I see something like this in Kansas City or the United States in general? I just love the open feel of everything and
being in the market in the open air.

Cadiz beach photography class

Taken during our photography class! Isn’t this view so beautiful? My friend Sophie took it for me, so all of the photo credits go to her. Notice a theme with my pictures? I love the beaches!!


Just like most days, today we had class, a siesta, and of course churros! Man, wouldn’t I love to say that every day? Instead of having a photography class, we went to “Torre Tavira”, a camera obscura tower. What the heck does that mean? Well, a camera obscura in simple terms is when a convex lens takes an image on the outside of a dark box and projects it inside. In this case, the tower had an angled mirror on the roof and projected an image onto a screen inside.

camera obscura                                        

It’s difficult to explain exactly how it worked, but hopefully, this diagram will help. A mirror(Espejo) on the outside projects the image through the lens (lente) passing through the light (luz) and onto the screen (pantalla). Anyways, we got to see a 360° view of Cádiz from the top of the tower! It was so cool to see a different perspective of the beautiful city from up above.

Group Photo Cadiz
(Pictured left to right: Emily, Natalie, Maya, Belén(one of our amazing teachers), Talia, me, Eric, Alex, and Hunter). A group pic of us on the roof of the tower! The stairs were a killer, but the view makes up for everything!


Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the end of my 2nd fabulous week in Cádiz. Watch out though because it’s Friday the 13th, yikes! Haha

Photoshoot day, beach edition!! Out of the many gorgeous beaches in Cádiz, “Playa de la Caleta” was our favorite! Trust me, no matter how pretty the water looks in the picture, it’s way bluer, clearer, and prettier in person. Finally, I got some cute pictures on the beach!
Do it for the ‘gram! We were only here for a couple of minutes before our elective classes started, by don’t worry our time was very well spent with not a minute wasted.

a park in cadiz

I mean whoa!!! This looks unreal!! I love all of these parks because they are just so beautiful, peaceful, and like something you would see in a magazine, but it’s real! All of the Bougainvillea‘s…. in love!! I would say the best part about doing photography as my elective is going to visit all of the serene, beautiful places like these.
So tonight we went to a “tetería” which basically means a tea shop! Ohh I was so excited you know Indians and their tea! The place was right by our flat and the second I walked in it felt like a hippie place- really cool bean bags, curtains, and the amazing smell of incense. I forget the name of the order, but my friend Talia ordered some fruity tea that I really loved!
I ordered chai, which is usually my “go-to” but I’m not sure, something
was different about it. Don’t get wrong, it was still very delicious, but having had Indian chai I guess I’m just used to a very specific flavor. While we were all sipping our tea, (pinkies up!:) ) a flamenco dancer came out! I was not expecting this at all at a tea shop, but she was pretty good! I always admire people who have the courage to just dance like
nobody’s watching. All in all, I would say a pretty great night- tea and dancing!

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