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Classes and Day Trips at Leadership Academy

This week, we started our new class with Camille, who is teaching us about clean water. In the beginning of class, we watched a movie called Flow, which informed us about water systems around the world and the dangers that the world is facing concerning clean water supply. I found this class the most interesting because I want to be an environmental engineer, so being able to learn about the harmful effects the world is faced with is fascinating.

The next day we went to Monterey for a beach day, but ended up checking out the shops and going to a restaurant. Although we did not go to the beach, we had an amazing day hanging out with each other and exploring the city. At the end of our visit, we checked out the ocean floor and got to put our feet in the sand. Altogether, we had a fun day hanging out with each other and getting to see a different town than what we are used to.

Today we went on a tour of Stanford University with Andrew, one of our program leaders, as the tour guide. We got to see the main sections of campus and see all the historical buildings and architecture. It was funny when other tourists thought Andrew was an actual tour guide and started asking him questions. I found it fun to explore the campus and be with my friends all day.


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