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Classes and a Break for Baseball

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Leadership Academy students got their first taste of class yesterday in Lonjezo Hamisi’s course on international relations. In the afternoon, they explored Stanford’s campus and downtown Palo Alto and did some shopping. After dinner, the guys – Austin, Jared, and John – used their engineering skills to create the ultimate hang-out room. They dubbed it “The Bat Cave.” A night of budding friendships followed.

Today the students doubled up on their academic rigor with classes on international relations (again taught by Lonjezo Hamisi) and international and nuclear security, taught by Benoit Pelopidas. Later they got their first glimpse of San Francisco, experiencing American sports culture by attending a professional baseball game between the World Champion San Francisco Giants and the Cincinnati Reds.

The students had a blast laughing, joking, and dancing in an attempt to get seen on the big screen at the game. They created nicknames for each other and sang the night away on the way back to the dorms following the game. It was a long, but exuberant day.

-Andrew Bannister (Photos by Brittany Knotts)

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