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Ciao Roma!

The second stop on the Western Civilization trip is Rome. Rome is full of history. It is a mixture of every time period all in one huge city. Rome has been a hub for many different civilizations throughout history, the Roman Empire being one of the most prominent civilizations ever established.

The Romans created some of the most amazing engineering feats of all time, like the aqueducts which supplied the city with a continuous supply of running water. They filled huge community baths that were open to the public as well as the nobles. Another great work of art is the Pantheon, a huge temple dedicated to all the Gods. The word Pantheon actually translates to “All the Gods.” The Pantheon is a huge temple, complete with columns, arches, and a huge free-standing dome with an oculus, which means eye, at its center. The dome of the Pantheon was the largest free-standing dome of its time.

Another building the Romans are famous for is the Colosseum. Otherwise known as the Flavian Amphitheater, it is best known as the place in which the Romans watched people being fed to the lions, gladiators fighting against each other, and even sea battles.