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Cannes, Surprises, and Fireworks

This weekend has definitely been an exciting one! Saturday, we all ventured to Cannes! Many of us spent our days shopping, while others went to the beach… I was lucky to have partaken in both. Saturday was also one of the students’ birthdays, so after our day of shopping and beach-going in Cannes, we gathered for a celebratory birthday dinner at a delicious sushi restaurant.

Coincidentally, the following day was another student’s birthday, so the night ahead was the surprise birthday celebration for the two boys. Just a few moments before we approached our usual stop on the train homeward, we were instructed to blindfold the birthday boys’ and proceed to take them off at the Beaulieu sur Mer stop, where we covertly led them to a dance party on the beach! There was a live DJ, fireworks, and lots of dancing, all of which made for a fabulous birthday fiesta.

Sunday morning, a I awoke early to attend a Zumba dance class at the hilltop castle with some of the group. Others awoke more leisurely at noon when we all congregated at the residence to divulge in a home-style brunch… Many of us were overjoyed to see bacon on the table.

After a few hours of free time and an adventurous scavenger hunt around Old Nice (for a number of items, photos, and trivia), we met for a barbeque dinner and homemade tiramisu (Yum!). After dinner, we visited the Bastille Day promenade along the beach where we enjoyed live music and breathtaking, sparkling fireworks.


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