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Exciting Weekend in Cannes and Sanremo
by Student, Austin E.
Today is Friday…

…and I am looking forward to the weekend. Our class was very educational. My vocabulary broadened and now I can successfully describe different places. After class, my friends and I went to a restaurant for lunch. The food was great and we spent most of the afternoon talking and relaxing. During my speaking elective I went to an art museum in Nice and did a scavenger hunt in French. Looking for the hidden pieces of art was really fun and my French got better along the way. Once I got back it was time to get ready for dinner. We all ate quickly and went to the beach for the night. It was super relaxing and the sunset was stunning that night. Upon arrival back at the residence, I went into a friends room and played games until it was time to go to bed.


Today the group went to Italy!

I was so excited to go on this trip and it definitely fulfilled my expectations. The bus ride was not too long and the views out the window were amazing. Our administrators gave us free roam right when we set foot in the city. My group decided to find an Italien restaurant and grab a bite. The food was splendid and we all had a great time. Next, I split off with a friend and we walked around San Remo’s famous shopping district. I ended up buying a shirt from a European store, and it was really cheap due to the city-wide sales going on in July. After looking around the stores, we met up with the rest of our friends on the beach. The water was crystal clear and we could see fish swimming around our feet. I spent the rest of my time in Italy soaking in the beauty at the beach. It was sad to leave but we got to watch fireworks back in Nice. Today was one of my favorites on the trip so far.

It is Bastille Day and we went to Cannes today!

After a late-night yesterday we got to sleep in until 11:00 this morning. I woke up a little earlier and went to the beach to play volleyball. It was a fun way to start off my morning. After the beach, we boarded the train to Cannes. I played cards the entire way there so the ride felt like an instant. Once I got to Cannes the program split into groups, I chose the island cruise group. We took a ferry to a beautiful island just off the coast of Cannes. I hiked to the other side of the island with some friends and we slept on the beach for the afternoon. After the island adventure, the whole program went to a gourmet burger restaurant, it was my favorite meal so far. We had some free time after eating and I explored the city for a while. The best part of the day was the fireworks show. I have never seen so many fireworks in my entire life. The sky was a constant light show from start to finish and I will never forget what I saw that Bastille day. We caught the last train back to Nice and I went straight to bed. It was a fun-filled day of activities from start to finish.


Today is Monday…

…which means I went to class this morning. We learned about English words that are used in French. It was cool to see how much of the English language has been integrated into French. After class we had pizza and quiche for lunch. The group had free time in the afternoon so I went and got coffee with my friends. Once we were finished with coffee we headed back to the residence to meet up for the speaking elective. It was my favorite elective so far. We had to make a song in French and choreograph a dance for it. Everyone had a blast and we even got an audience to stop by and watch us.

There was a bit of free time allotted after our dance show so I decided to go to a nearby park and play basketball. We played for a short time and then began heading back home for dinner. Our meal great today, we had Indian cuisine and I loved it. After dinner, there was a movie night. The program prepared a movie space and brought popcorn. It was a French comedy and I found myself laughing so many times. When the movie was finished I headed back to my room and spent some time with the kids who are leaving this Wednesday. I am having so much fun but the days are going by way too fast.

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