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Café y Conversación
by Student, Rachel P. , Cadiz, Spain
Today was my first day of classes in Cádiz.

During class, we discussed an article about la golpe military de Argentina and then went out to talk to the locals about the culture of Cádiz. The people here are so friendly! Everyone we asked to talk to immediately smiled and made an effort to understand our slightly broken Spanish. It was definitely a nice surprise, as I come from the New Jersey/ New York City area where strangers don’t tend to have any conversations with each other. After, my friend Soli and I walked back to a nice meal at home and a short siesta.

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Rachel (left) and Soli (right)

Next, we joined a group of girls and Gemma for some “café y conversación”, where we drank coffee and talked casually about our lives, hopes, and dreams for our futures. It was nice to talk in a small group so that everyone could get a chance to be heard. “Cultura y Conversación” was the last “class-like” activity scheduled for the day. We talked about Spanish idiomatic phrases that use colors like “ponerse rojo” which actually translates to “to blush”. It was fun because we got to walk around and talk to people again.

After quickly browsing the stores and grabbing a meal in La Plaza Mentidora, we made our way to the last activity of the day: the beach. Walking around at low tide in the evening was really enjoyable. For such a small city, Cádiz offers quite a variety of things to do.
I’ve only been here for three days now,  and I’m loving the city of Cádiz!
-Rachel P.

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