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Cádiz and Beyond

Our time in Cádiz has been flying by. We are already coming to the end of another full week! We’ve spent the past few days seeing even more of the city.

On Tuesday, we went to the Torre Tavira to get another view of Cádiz from above. This tower wasn’t as high as the cathedral’s, but I think it had much better views. Torre Tavira also has a camera obscura, which uses mirrors and light to produce a moving image of the streets of Cádiz. We could see people walking around, and all the places we had been to.

My friends and I also went to our favorite beach spot on the side of the bridge that connects La Caleta to El Castillo de San Sebastián. The beach is very quiet here, and you can see fish, crabs, and other sea creatures in the shallow water.

On Wednesday, my class went to a local daycare to play with kids. All of the different classes are taking turns this week. The kids were adorable and super fun to play and practice Spanish with. I spent a lot of time with a very sweet boy of ten years who was also an amazing artist. Later in the day, some of us met up at the Parador Hotel for café con leche and more Spanish conversation. It was fun to practice speaking while enjoying beautiful views of the water. Finally, the whole group was given money at dinner to buy tapas anywhere we wanted in the city. I must have tried at least fifteen different types. They were all delicious, but I think I liked Ropa Vieja, a stew of tomatoes, chickpeas, and bits of meat, the best.

Today, we went on an excursion to Jerez, a town that’s a forty minute train ride from Cádiz. We started with a walking tour of the city and saw the cathedral, alcazar, and a lot of beautiful plazas. We then went to El Zoologico Botánico de Jerez and saw a lot of neat animals. My favorite animals were the flamingos, red pandas, and ostriches.

After such a busy day, we have a relaxing night with a lot of free time. Perfect for shopping for gifts and getting as much ice cream we can eat before leaving Spain.


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