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Monday morning, we were all really tired from the night before, but Sophie and Jen surprised us with a fun class at a cafe. That afternoon, we had our elective classes, and for dinner we made chicken cordon bleu in our cooking groups. We had a fun night doing “speed date painting,” and most people got their faces painted!

Tuesday, after our morning class, we went to a Calisson Factory, which is where they make the famous Provence cookies. One of the people at the factory gave us a tour and samples of the sweets they make there. We then went to work in a garden in Aix. We raked some weeds, put more soil on the vegetables, and leveled out the ground for more seeds. After showering, we had a beautiful and delicious picnic on the terrace. We ate quiche, grapes, cheese, and bread (a very French meal). Jen sang with a jazz band when she lived in Aix, so she was able to have them play for us! The music was awesome, and Kristen, one of the students here, got to play with them! Wednesday has been a regular day consisting of classes, our lunch break, electives, but tonight we get the whole night off and a stipend dinner. Everyone is extremely excited to be able to go off on their own and explore and relax!


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