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Bread, Candy, and Art

by Savannah B. Friday was the end of my first week of class, which was both exciting and disappointing. Both my French and photography classes have been so interesting. The classes aren’t tedious or tiring and we often go on many activities that apply to the lessons. In French class, we learned about different types of food, such as organic foods and certain dishes. Cyril, our teacher, took us to an organic bakery and we had pastries and bread. Savannah B. Bread We also went to a candy shop and learned about the different candies they make. I love how the classes are hands-on and you actually experience what you learn. Savannah B. candy In class, we also learned about Pablo Picasso, the Spanish painter. We went to a modern art museum and are planning to go to the Musée Picasso as well. In photography class, we were able to go to a park that had a lot of interesting flowers and animals. I learned about the settings on my camera and my skills as a photographer has improved. I love my teacher, Hannah, because she is very informative and gives a lot of camera tips to help us improve. Savannah B. neon sign I enjoy how the activities mimic what we learned in class because I feel that it helps me expand on my learning experience. I am excited to see what next week has in store and what topics we will be covering.