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Boston, Session 1
by Student, Kenley W. , Boston, USA


For starters, the Abbey Roads College Prep program has been an amazing experience for me and I encourage any fellow hard-working student to seize this opportunity if they have the chance. When I first heard of this program I realized I had never really focused on the ACT. After I discovered exactly how important these standardized tests are for becoming a successful student I reached out to my parents and convinced them to let me fly the farthest I’ve ever been from home.

Upon arriving in Boston, I was greeted with the smiling face of an Abbey Roads director. We collected my luggage then set out towards town. This was my first experience in a big city and I was immediately in awe of the busy streets and people. We checked in to a beautifully modern Emerson College dorm called Piano Row. After unpacking my clothes and class supplies, Indigo (a classmate I met at the airport) and I set out to explore downtown on a search for lunch.

We settled on a small café called Au Bon Pain and dined on delicious sandwiches and iced coffee and afterward took a nice afternoon walk in the peaceful Boston Commons. By that time many other students began to check into the dorms and I met my roommate, Athena. We instantly connected with our interests in fashion and our slight cultural differences (she was from Wisconsin and I was from Alabama). By that time it was pretty late so after a quick hall meeting, everyone fell fast asleep in anticipation for the next day.


Thankfully, Athena was also in the ACT prep class, as opposed to the SAT class, so getting up and making it to breakfast and class on time is always a lot easier when you have someone by your side. We step into our small class of four and meet our friendly instructor, Kyle, who then goes on to giving us each an ACT textbook the size of my head! We go over a basic introduction to how the ACT test works then prepare to take a sample proctor exam the next morning.

We are released from class then head towards the Emerson College dining hall for a nice meal of a salad and a hot dog. Athena and I then seize our free-time to explore our little area of Boston a little closer and take a stroll down the famous Newbury Street for some shopping. Later, we walk with a director, Nasreen, to the friendly marketplace at Faneuil Hall. Here we see outstanding street performers, big department stores, and every type of restaurant you could imagine. That night we return to our dorms after a long day of exploring and fall fast asleep.


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