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Bonjour, Tout le Monde!

The Aix-en-Provence flower marketMy name is Kristen, and I am currently traveling from Florida to Aix-en-Provence. A couple days ago, on the 2nd of July, our group met at the Charles du Gaulle airport at the Air France terminal. After a few timid hellos we quickly began to make friends, and after a few minutes we were all talking excitedly about the trip to come. Our Abbey Road Resident Advisor, Jen, helped us make a bucket list for all of the things we want to do in Aix which including trying frog legs, swimming in the Mediterranean, making a French friend, and frolicking through lavender fields.

After a long and very tiring day of flight delays and changing airports, we finally arrived at the residence to meet our very welcoming program directors, Nina an Sophie. We then somehow mustered up enough energy to take a walk through Aix and buy gelato. Everyone was enchanted by the quaint but metropolitan feel of this beautiful city.

The next morning we didn’t have to meet until 10:00am, which gave us time for a well-needed sleep. That day we were very excited to hear that the Tour de France was coming through Aix just a two-minute walk from our residence. After watching the much anticipated bikers roll by, we split up into groups to go to lunch. After this we were shown the best and cheapest markets for buying our own food for the meals at the residence.

Today began with a group of us going for an early morning run. We then had free time to lounge about in small cafés, drinking coffee, and speak in French. After making our own lunch at the residence we headed off to Marseille for the afternoon. We got the full cultural experience of the town by hiking up to the cathedral Notre Dame à la Gaure, eating an authentic Moroccan dinner, and then attending a Moroccan dance show. All in all it has been quite an exciting first couple of days in Aix-en-Provence, and everyone could not be more excited for the days to come! -Kristen

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