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Bonjour form Nice
by Student, Nicole E. , New Jersey

The first set of classes started today (Tuesday). They were wonderful, we split off into two groups to learn. After a while of learning, we all visited a candy factory where we were given a tour, all in French. I’d be lying if I said it was not difficult but I did get the overall ideas. Then after our residence meal, we went to our first elective class. I am in a conversation and we decided instead of sweating it out in the residence we would go to the beach to have our discussions in the water. And let me tell you it was so much fun. Who knew I could learn so much just by swimming in the ocean and then eating sorbet! After our lovely beach time, we came back and showered and walked around the neighborhood a little before dinner. After dinner, we took a beautiful walk down the promenade. I think I could walk down that street a million times and the beauty would never dissipate.

Today (Wednesday) was a very warm and sunny day. For class, we pretty much got to go to the stores and shop, which was great for me! Then we took a walk to the train station where we learned that trains in France come sometimes and are canceled others. Nevertheless, we got to a beach about ten minutes away for snorkeling. The water was amazing and the views of the million dollar homes were spectacular and breathtaking. The night followed in the fun as we went to a gathering dance party type thing in the street. There were people all over, mostly older, dancing to Latin music. This is where I learned that foreigners, Europeans, have extremely good rhythm and dance much better than Americans. They also enjoy dancing, which was a pleasant surprise to me because I just hopped right in and tried ( sometimes failed) to follow. I think I danced a Caribbean dance and maybe the salsa. Anyways until the next adventure!

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