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Bonjour de Provence!

As everyone settles in and gets accustomed to the new scenery, we are all so excited for what is to come!

As we all met at JFK international airport, our nerves began to subside. Parents left, and everyone became friends instantly, sharing information about home and hopes for the trip.

Jen, on of our staff advisors, had us make a bucket list together. At first it was hard to think of specific things we wanted to do, but after a few ideas came out, our list became filled with many more ideas. Some of the items on our list were to swim in the Mediterranean, to visit the four dolphins fountain along with the hundreds of other fountains in Provence, to eat frog legs, and to watch classic French movies.

Although our first two days were very long ones, it was worth it, and no one can contain their excitement about our stay in Aix! After a well needed shower, we met our other staff members, ate a delicious dinner, and walked around Aix. Different from American towns, Aix has some of the oldest most beautiful fountains. We found, by walking though the windy streets of Aix, that there is a fountain at almost every block!

This morning, July Fourth, was different for us, because American Independence Day is not celebrated in France. We are, however, very excited to be able to celebrate Bastille Day on the fourteenth of July!


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