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Bitter, Bittersweet

I can’t believe I’m leaving in in only two days! I feel like I’ve been here half my life (okay not really, but close to it).

The relationship I’ve developed with my host mother Laeticia is one I know I will remember for the rest of my life… She was more than my ‘host’ mom. She made me feel like a part of her family. She made my experience this month one I will treasure.

On Friday we had a sort of ‘thank you’ party for our families. There was a song, a couple of skits, and a very cute video by Olivia and Corinne. It was nice to meet everyone’s families (especially the infamous ones lol), and the food was really good; it was a picnic made up of the food that everyone’s families had brought.

After the party, we went to Cagnes-sur-Mer for ice-cream with Hanna and Colette and their family (Valerie, Claire, and Cecil). We sat on the beach to have our ice-cream, and Colette and I went swimming just in our culottes— a crazy way to end the night!

Saturday was a day in Italy, during which I spent the day trying not to get mauled by vendors as I tried to get some sun on the beach.

Sunday, we headed to St-Paul-de-Vence, a quaint city just 20 minutes from St-Laurent-du-Var. I spent the day with Colette, marveling at a man playing the guitar who was being ignored by all but five people and was crapped on by a bird, but was still resilient enough to keep playing. Afterward, we had an all white party with the Nice kids. It was fun; I sang, so did others, and there was good dancing music. The only damper was a slight cold I began developing the day before— other than that, the day was fantastic!


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