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Beach Days in St. Laurent

by Grant T. So far in the first two weeks we have had probably at least eight trips to a beach. We’ve travelled to beaches in Antibes, Cannes, Cagnes-sur-mer, the beach here in St. Laurent, Ville Franche, and a couple others that I forget the names of. Going to the beach has been a ton of fun because everybody in the group enjoys being around each other and we have fun together. Different things that we’ve done have been tanning in the sun, swimming, snorkeling, beach volleyball, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Each town’s beach has it’s own unique characteristic but all are amazingly beautiful. The coolest thing that we have done so far is snorkeling because we could swim with fish that I’ve never seen before–ones that were incredibly colorful and others that were very big. While it was all fun swimming with the fish, there were still jellyfish that we had to watch out for, and of course I got stung. Today we went to the beach here in St. Laurent and we played volleyball. We played for a good hour or so and had a blast doing so. Tomorrow we are going to Nice to enjoy the beach and roller blade a bit! Grant T. bay