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Bastille Day Weekend

This weekend was amazing, and full of water activities and first time experiences! We started off our Saturday by going kayaking, a first for many, including me. It may look easy, but it takes a lot more arm muscle than you may realize. Quinson Lake, where we kayaked, was surrounded by beautiful mountains. Thus there were no dull moments. We had a very creative salad party that night and then went out to coffee with Arthur, the director and founder of Abbey Road Programs.image Luckily, we were able to sleep in on today, a well-deserved rest from all the activity-filled days we’ve been having. Today was also July 14th, or Bastille Day! We celebrated by spending the day at the beach, going out to a picnic with a view of a spectacular fireworks show, and then walking the Coeur Mirabeau. It was the perfect day! I felt truly blessed to be able to experience such an important day like a true French person. -Ana Victoria