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When I woke on Sunday, I was already feeling much better and more lively. I decided I was able to join the group for the day’s adventures.

Sunday was a great day weather-wise, and so we spent our day at the beach near Pisa. We were given a long time to just play in the ocean or on the beach, walk around the storefronts and vendors, or just hang out. I spent most of my time in the shade regaining my energy. For lunch, we had pizza at a really great local shop that sold it by the slice. I’ve begun to notice that if you order with confidence using your Italian skills, the workers will not try English and simply continue speaking Italian to you. This has also made me notice that if you play along and motion for things you don’t know how to say, they usually get the gist and complete your order.

After we departed from the beach, we headed to the incredibly touristy site of Pisa. We stood in the Piazza dei Miracoli where most will take the iconic photo of people pretending to support the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We had a good time taking pictures of ourselves in the piazza but also with taking photos of others and how silly they look standing on a pillar with one leg in the air and their arms outstretched.

I will see the dentist today to hopefully hear the good news that my infection is gone and that my sicknesses have come to an end. With high hopes and optimism… -Anthony


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