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by Student, Alexandra S. , Kansas

After a few days of vivacious studying, the group decided that Tuesday should be a relaxing day. We took the metro to a beach resort called S-Beach, where we spent a few hours in the sun. S-Beach looked like it was straight from a European magazine: the ocean was clear blue, there were waiters hopping around, and we took shade under palm tree-like umbrellas. We kayaked around and entertained ourselves on a giant inflatable obstacle course before chowing down on a bunch of club sandwiches and slushies.

When we arrived back at the hotel, we had a few hours of free time to fill. Some of the group went to eat crepes, while some went to find a sandal shop where they make the sandals to fit your foot exactly. After dinner, we played a few games and then ventured out to find some ice cream in the main shopping square.

Our last day in Athens has been essentially a free day so that we could do any last exploring. The majority of the group decided to go shopping, so again we set out to the main square. We went into boutiques that are unique to Greece, as well as bigger chain stores that can also be found in America. We all had success in our shopping endeavors, finding some special souvenirs for both ourselves and our families. Soon, we will be going to dinner and then to learn traditional Greek dances. I am not a particularly talented dancer, but I am so interested in further immersing myself in the culture that I have been exposed to throughout the past week. Athens and the experiences that I have had here have been truly breathtaking; it has been the most awe-inspiring place that I have ever visited. It will be difficult for our next stop, Rome, to top it!

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