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Arrival in Nice

by Savannah B. As I traveled via New York to Nice the wonderful Abbey Road staff greeted me at the airport and helped me check my baggage and get situated. Their smiling faces made the farewells much easier as I knew I would be in good hands. Once I arrived we drove through Nice to the residence, and I was surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and was amazed by the city. Though you might be tired your first day in Nice, I recommend trying to stay up so you can overcome jet lag. Kathy had planned many activities to keep us occupied to help us not to fall asleep. After we got situated in the residence, we went downstairs to meet the rest of the Abbey Road staff. They took us to a beautiful park for introductions and orientation. Afterwards they took us to a lovely French dinner. We watched the World Cup match between France and Germany, but sadly France lost. Nonetheless we had lots of fun and ended the day spending the Fourth of July at the beach. On the second day, Saturday, we took a trip to Eze, a beautiful hilltop village spotted with mansions. We visited a perfumery and sampled many of the lovely scents. After, we walked around the city, saw all of the lovely architecture, and caught a few pictures of the breath-taking ocean. On the third day, Sunday, we had free time and took a walk along the Promenade and enjoyed the view of the water. The scenery in Nice is beyond gorgeous, and the water is very relaxing. The people here are very kind, they do speak a little English, but I try to speak as much French as I can.