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Another Picturesque Weekend in Provence

We spent another fabulous weekend in the south of France!

Saturday we went to Marseille and visited the soap factory of the famous and original Savon de Marseille.

We walked through a very cute village in the neighborhood of le Vieux Panier and had the opportunity to go to a contemporary art exhibition. Lots of different interactive pieces of art were on display, and we even had a creative workshop and recreated the story of Abbey Road program in Aix!



On Sunday we went off to the area of Luberon where agriculture consists of melons, grapes, and lavender. The museum of lavender let us discover how to distill lavender in order to make essential oils and how to tell the difference between lavender and lavandin. We all came back emanating the powerful smell of the plant!

In the afternoon, we stopped by Avignon where the international theater festival is fortunately in full swing. Street artists, musicians, acrobats, and various shows are put on in the middle of the fortified city. We also visited the Palais des Papes and the famous Pont d’ Avigon.

Our dinner was a cozy and delicious French meal in a cute garden covered by wild mint and flowers. Our host, Aurélia, cooked a great meal of rice, salad, ratatouille, and filet mignon!

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