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Another great weekend in Cádiz
by Staff, Chris Bond , Cádiz Program Director

It’s been a busy few days! Unfortunately, I (program director, Chris Bond) have been ill the last few days, so I don’t currently have any photographs for you.  I’ll make it up to you all in the days to come.

This weekend, on Saturday, the students visited Los Torunos, a “natural park” within the Bay of Cadiz.  In spite of bizarrely not-so-great weather, all had a good time biking around the trails in the park and kayaking in the estuaries that enter the park.

On Sunday, we all enjoyed “chocolate” (thick hot chocolate) and churros in the Plaza de las Flores, before strolling through the Sunday flea market that had been set up in the market square.  The students were all happy to have a free day to explore more distant beaches (still within Cadiz, but leaving Old Cadiz) before returning in the evening to attend a movie as a group.  Sounds like it was a great day.

Today, back to classes as per usual, though tonight promises to be very exciting for the students, as it is the Noche de San Juan (night of Saint John), a celebration with fireworks, massive displays of pyrotechnic wonder, and merry, jubilant crowds in the street.

As the week continues, I’ll write again with more updates and photographs!