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Andalusian Paradise

All is going very well here in our little Andalusian paradise. Yesterday we visited the Cadiz Cathedral, a beautiful and strange structure that sits alongside the ocean in old Cadiz. The students marveled at the bizarre design of the cathedral, which took over 100 years to build and ended up being built with a mixture of styles and materials.

After the Cathedral, we headed to Plaza Mina, a great and large local plaza, to study in depth another local cultural item of importance — ice cream! We all enjoyed delicious ice cream before a bit of free time and our weekly “noche en casa” (night at home).

Our next few days promise to be very busy and very exciting. Tonight we head out the movies, where we’ll have a chance to work on our language skills and relax. Tomorrow, we’ll all be learning a bit about how to dance flamenco, and in the evening we’ll head out to “New Cadiz” to check out the beaches there and have a big ole’ group pizza dinner. Friday, we finally get to go see a live flamenco performance at the well-known flamenco venue “La Cava”.

More to come soon, with pictures of our exciting events. -Christopher Romero Bond