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Ana's Pre-Departure Jitters

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I can’t believe it’s already June! I’m so anxious for this trip to France! I’ve learned so many wonderful things about its culture. I want to be able to experience it in person. It’s crazy to think that in less than a month I’ll be there. I was so excited that I wanted to make my luggage already, but then my mother pointed out that my clothes would be in a suitcase for a month. This was a good point, but such a downer.

In anticipation of my trip, I’ve planned out the month of June with my friends and family, because I know I will miss them a lot. My family is having a get together before I leave, since I have never been on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. I must admit that this scares me a little. At least I will have the opportunity to make new friends in France.

I also went shopping.  A new country, especially one known for its fashion statements, deserves some new fashionable pieces. I tried to keep if comfortable and light, but still pretty. I think I did a pretty good job, but as my aunt says, “A girl is never overdressed; everyone else is simply under-dressed.”

I’ve even been checking the weather in France, and it’s been around sixty degrees Fahrenheit. That’s cooler than I’m used to in Miami where the weather is sunny all day every day. But a change will be nice.

The thing that I dread the most about this trip is probably the flight; I will be in a plane for almost an entire day to arrive at the final destination, Aix-en-Provence. But if that’s what it takes, I will do it. I’m excited to see who my roommates will be, where they’re from, and how we will get along. It will be so cool meeting people from other places. In Miami almost everyone is Hispanic, so this will be a very different atmosphere for me.

I’m so excited to study outside of the United States! Our culture is a melting pot, but French isn’t a very big part of it. I really wanted to experience the French culture and lifestyle first hand. This is why I’m going to Aix-en-Provence. I’m most excited for our time in Paris! I’ve heard that it’s extremely beautiful!  I really want to stand under the Eiffel tower. That would be such an awesome picture!

Je souhaite à tous un très belle été! (I’m wishing everyone a great summer!)

-Ana Victoria

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