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Aix-en-Provence: Half Way Through!

It has been a simple, but fun week.  We started off our class on Monday with a cafe debate about marriage in France.  We learned that it is becoming less common for young people to get married; they prefer to just live together like a more modern family.  Then we had our elective class and later a painting activity. Some of decided to make each others faces the canvases instead of the paper.


On Tuesday, we had class as usual, followed by volunteering at a garden.  It was interesting to see many people learning how to garden. That night we had a private jazz manouche concert during our picnic.  The music was very good, but many of us enjoyed the atmosphere the most.


Today was also an exceptional day! We had a cafe debate class, but this time our debate was about religion in France.  We all learned a new concept of Laîcate, which is the French form of separation of church and state.  It is their meaning of looking at everyone as equals.  After class we had a lunch break and then the French conversation class, then we took a tour of the Pavillion Noir, a prestigious dance studio in Aix.
After that, we had a stipend dinner, so everyone got to choose where they wanted to go.  For example, my friends and I went to a Thai restaurant.  It was amazing! There’s definitely no weight watching when your in France!!
Ana Victoria