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Adventures in Nice!
by Student, Sydney A. , Georgia

On Thursday we had, of course, our regular morning classes. After lunch, we headed towards Nice! We were allowed many different options while in Nice. Sports, pottery, visiting a candy store, and free time. I choose to have free time so that I could walk around and see more of the city. After the afternoon activities, we had dinner in Nice with the group. For dinner, we had the whole top floor of the restaurant to ourselves, which was really nice. We are such a huge group it’s difficult to all go out together especially to restaurants of course.

Dinner with the group in Nice

After dinner, we tried to head back to St. Laurent. We actually took a bit of a detour because the trains all shut down and were canceled. We had to get off at the next train stop that was still in Nice. We had to wait for the vans to come to pick us up from the train station. Overall though, it was a good bonding experience for those of us who did have to wait.

Class on Thursday in a cute little Café

On Friday we had a very chill class and just watched movies and had conversations about a bunch of different topics. After lunch, we were split into two groups. The first group chose to go to Villefranche and have free time. The other group chose to go play paintball. After both activities were done we all met back in Villefranche and had dinner as a group once again and had some pizza in a little courtyard. We stayed in Villefranche for our evening program to watch an outdoor movie in “La Citadelle.” The movie had a classic touch of French comedy.

Then we headed home to get ready to go to Italy tomorrow!

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