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Adjusted to the Daily Routine
by Student, Brendan O. , Cadiz, Spain

Over the past couple of days, I’ve fully adjusted to the daily routine here in Cádiz. As a group, we have been trying as much Spanish food as we can eat. One of my favorites is la Tortilla Española, a quiche-like dish made up of potatoes and eggs. Another is “pescaito frito,” generally fried squid-like calamari. Something that I did not expect is the amount of tasty ice cream shops in Cádiz; “heladerias” can be found on virtually every street corner.

In Spanish class, we begin each session by listening to a song. Most of the time it is a song topping today’s charts, but, occasionally, we listen to older Spanish classics. After about two hours of learning and practicing vocab and grammar, we head into the streets. At this time, we conduct interviews with city-goers based on aspects of Spain that we discussed in class that day.

After class, we begin our 3-4 hour siesta. Around 5:00 P.M, we either do activities with the whole group or attend or elective: either Spanish Culture and Conversation or Photography. I chose photography, and I do not regret it. Our instructor is very insightful and gives us helpful tips on how to get the most out of our time photographing. After almost two hours of photography, we go back to our homestays for dinner and a quick shower before going out for even more exciting group activities at night.


Brendan O.

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