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Adios Cadiz

by Sarah H-K. Even though it seems like yesterday that I arrived in Cádiz, it is now time to go. We finished up our stay here with a fun weekend. Saturday we went to Jerez and walked around the city, which was a nice change of scenery. We then went to the zoo, where we witnessed some very aggressive monkeys and some very large snakes. That evening, we went to the Moroccan tea place once more, because the tea there is amazing. Sunday we spent at the beach in New Cádiz, alternating between hanging out on the beach and swimming, because it was so hot. On Monday we went to a water park nearby. It was on the smaller side, but otherwise very similar to water parks I have been to in the U.S. Today, Tuesday, is our last day here in Cádiz. This morning we visited an archaeological site right near the cathedral. We took a tour through the remnants of a Roman house, and although I couldn’t understand most of what the tour guide said, there was plenty to look at, and we walked on a glass walkway so we could see down below our feet. We then took one last walk around the city, and some of us went to La Caleta because it was very hot once more. Sarah HK. beach I have had such a wonderful stay here in Cádiz, and saying goodbye to everyone I have met and become so close with in these three weeks is going to be very hard. I will miss all the little things, like the view from my window, going to the market every day, and of course, the five flights of stairs to reach the apartment. This has been a unique and amazing experience, and I am grateful that I was given the chance to come. Adios Cádiz Sarah HK adios Cadiz