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Action-packed Weekend

by Claire D.

This past weekend was very fast paced and fun filled.
We started the weekend Friday night, going to New Cadiz as a group. We ordered pizza from a restaurant and took it to the beach to eat. While we were waiting for the pizza, we got to witness an AMAZING sunset. After dinner, we had some free time to explore New Cadiz, which my friends and I used for walking alongside the beach and having a chance to really get to know each other better.
Claire D. sunset
Saturday, we had an extremely action filled day. We arrived early to Plaza Espana to take a private bus to a nearby park. We all had the option to take either a bike ride or go canoeing, or both. It was a vey beautiful area and was a good way to burn off some of the millions of calories of Spanish food we’ve all probably consumed since getting here. After this, we had a little free time at a beach called Playa Levante.
Claire D. canoeing
Sunday, we all woke up bright and early to go get churros and chocolate at a nearby cafe. They were all finished very quickly. After this, we had the option to go to mass. I took this opportunity and went to the church. Although I’m Catholic, it was fairly hard to follow, being in Spanish, but the inside of the Cathedral is simply breathtaking. Later that day, we went to the beach as a group again, and had a lot of fun.
Sunday night was called “Noche en Casa.” This meant that we spent time with our roommates and families. Since the World Cup finals were this night, my homestay family and I went out to a local bar to watch the game. The game wasn’t too exciting, but it was still a good way to bond with our family.
I am very excited to see what this last week will bring!