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A Second Week in Nice

Week two has been a busy one in Nice. We started out the week in our French classes learning about food and cultural differences.

On Tuesday we visited an organic boulangerie that makes specialty breads on the west side of Nice. Among the many things we got to taste were truffle bread, goat cheese bread, and even a black bread made with squid ink.

In the evening we tried our best to learn to salsa at the Palais de Justice. Some of us picked up on it more quickly than others.

We also traveled east a few stops and spent an afternoon on the beaches of Beaulieu. We met a young man who was determined to help us improve our French accents.

On Thursday our students tested their skills at making croque-monsieur. We had several groups who really impressed the judges.

            To round out the week, we took a bus up to Musée Matisse for a guided tour of the museum.   Then we spent the evening on the beach playing some volleyball and relaxing. -Jacob Hickey


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