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A Good First Week

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The first week has begun, and we have fallen into the schedule of classes. We have classes every morning and electives three times a week. The classes are very interesting, because we talk about vocabulary, practice diction, and then go out to talk to people from the city. For example, on the day that there was a market in town, we had to ask vendors and tourists about their favorite French dishes. We still have time, however, to explore the city, eat at cafes, and relax at the residence. It is the perfect balance of studying and exploring.

On Monday, we had French night after cooking groups. It was interesting how everyone portrayed the stereotypical French person. Then on Tuesday, we went on a hike, so everyone was just too tired to do an evening activity. It was a peaceful night at the residence. Yesterday we went bowling at a very eclectic place. It was so much fun and kind of reminded us of home. It was also enjoyable to see everyone’s competitive side and sportsmanship come out.

Today we went to the city and danced Balleti, a traditional French dance, amongst other native French people. It was a fun and interactive experience. Not only did we learn a little more about the French culture, but we also learned a new dance.

All in all the week has exceeded my expectations! -Ana Victoria

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