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A Fun-filled Week in France
by Student, Kathryn K.

Tuesday started off with our usual French courses which included going out and talking to the locals. We all had a picnic lunch and then we took the train to Villefranche, a gorgeous bay on the other side of Nice. There, we broke into two groups, one of which went to snorkel and the other which stayed at the beach. I was at the beach first, and we had a lot of fun in the sparkling, clear waters. ‘

The groups then switched and we hopped on the boat and went out to go snorkeling. Fully clothed in our wetsuits, we took off into the waves and explored the undersea world. Two guys in our group got jellyfish stings, but aside from that, it was a success. Kathryn K. snorkeling Wednesday was just a normal day of classes and electives. I really enjoyed my art class and it was followed by a birthday celebration for one of the girls in the group. The next morning was also just our normal classes, but we spent the afternoon in a nearby town at the beach. The setting was stunning, and we got to spend a lot of time at the beautiful beach. Split into three groups, we got to work together to make a group dinner in a kitchen at a local restaurant.

We ended up with salad, chicken, ratatouille, potatoes, quiche, and chocolate cake. Walking back to the train station as the sunset was the perfect ending. To add to our time at the beach, we spent our entire Friday afternoon at the local beach after classes. Although not as stunning as some of the other locations, it was still nice, and I think we all improved our tans. For our night excursion, we went to a jazz festival at the chateau in the next town over.

It was fun, beautiful and a great experience. Since it is now the weekend, we got to sleep in late and spend the whole day in Nice. Hopefully our hike up to the chateau that overlooks the city will help counteract the copious amounts of ice cream we have been eating lately. The hike ended with a gorgeous view and a picnic. After that we had free time, which I spent shopping. We found a great little leather store and ended up buying handmade shoes. The owner liked us so much that he even made us all leather bracelets to go with the sandals.

Afterward, some of us went out to the boardwalk to try out rollerblading, which was a first for a few of us. Thankfully my friend is an experienced skater, because it took me quite a while to be able to successfully move forward on my own. With her help and the help of a random stranger, I lasted about 45 minutes before going to the beach across the street. We ate pizza on the world famous pebble beach as a group and it was fun. I’m really comfortable here and I can’t believe it’s more than halfway done.