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A Full Week of Learning and Fun in Cadiz

This past week, Abbey Road students in Cádiz enjoyed another week full of learning and fun. Our students went from watching a Flamenco performance to kayaking at a national park near the bay. Session 2 students have adjusted to both their academic and Spanish schedules just fine! In the following photos, you can see how well our Abbey Road students participate in the planned activities… Enjoy!

Students at Taberna Flamenca La Cava about to enjoy a Flamenco performance.
Getting ready to ride their bikes through Los Toruños, a national park near the bay.
Listening to our tour guide talk about the wild life at Los Toruños.
Ready for some kayak action!
Cooling off with some ice cream during the evening.
Having some churros and chocolate caliente (hot chocolate) on Sunday morning.
At the top of Torre Poniente.
Learning about the ruins under Torre Poniente.

-Jackie Cardenas