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A Day Full of New Things to Learn

Yesterday, after French class, we went to visit the Calissons d’ Aix factory, where a sweet almond candy famous to Aix is manufactured. We discovered its history and the process by which it is made today. We could even taste, with enthusiasm, all the douceurs they were making in the confiserie.

In the afternoon, everybody participated in the community garden, and we all learned about permaculture.             For the evening, we had a special night. First we had a delicious picnic under the stars with quiche, gaspacho, cherries, grapes, cheese, and other delicacies. The picnic finished under candle light, as we listened to musicians playing jazz manouche for us. It was a beautiful night; some of us danced, others sang, and Kristen played the guitar with elegance. -Nina Lopez

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