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A Cuisine Competition


On Wednesday evening, my football team and I arrived back to the apartment sweating, exhausted, and ecstatic to be the victors of the so anticipated soccer match.

After a morning of lessons, we were treated to a well-deserved trip to our local pool, where we touched up on our tans, dipped our toes into the cool refreshing water, played volleyball, recharged our brains for Friday’s busy schedule of both morning and afternoon lessons, and, most importantly, for the new tense competition we were all to participate in called ‘Iron Chef’.

After discussing numerous options of traditional, Italian meals that we could bring to life for the counselors, we finally agreed upon a meal: for the main course we would make piadinas, which originated from the heart of Bologna. They consist of spinach and cheese melted in a flat bread, but we put our own spin on our simple but delicious course and used different ingredients inside the flat bread. For dessert, we made a tiramisu, which was produced from scratch, and received full marks for presentation!

image2My team and I were finally ready and prepared to go head to head with four other teams to see who had created the most delicious and ambitious meal. As we eagerly headed to the food critics (a.k.a. the councilors) to present and introduce our meal, we were excited for their reactions and comments. The meals would be judged on presentation, effort, ambition, and taste, but most importantly, they had to be a true, home-cooked, mama style Italian meal!

We are now waiting anxiously for the deliberated results, which will be presented to us on Monday in our early morning meeting!



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