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6 Perfect Hawaii Activities this Summer

After the year we’ve all had, it’s about time to be able to enjoy life again! And what better place to do that than one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hawaii!

As the world starts returning back to normal, we would like to invite you to join us in a true tropical paradise – the island of Oahu! Here is a list of our favorite experiences that can only be enjoyed on this most popular Hawaiian island!


1. Having the Time of Your Life on Waikiki Beach


Whether you’re a surfer, swimmer, sunbather, or anything in between, we have a beach for you.

The world-renowned Waikiki Beach is famous for a reason. From its soft, fine sand, crystal blue waters, and the view of the dormant Dimond Head Volcano, Waikiki is an amazing experience. It is the absolute best place to soak up some rays and a great starting point when you first arrive in Honolulu.


2. Well, You Got to Attend a Luau!


How can you even say you visited Hawaii without attending a Luau? A luau is a traditional Polynesian feast to celebrate the decision of King Kamehameha II to remove cultural restrictions and let Hawaiian men and women eat together.

Luaus are about the connectivity that humans have with one another and what better way to show that connection than playing music and dancing during an amazing night you’ll never forget!

3. Hike to Mānoa Falls 


Located In the lush Lyon Arboretum, among acres of deep, sprawling native plants lie the breathtaking Mānoa Falls.

At 150 feet tall, Manoa Falls are a startling monument of Hawaiian nature that people come from around the world to see. The whole experience, hiking through pristine tropical forests to feast your eyes upon one of the most remarkable natural sites is something you have to experience firsthand.


4. Best Poké and Shaved Ice


There is probably nowhere else in the world to get a better bowl of Poké or Shaved Ice than Hawaii. Both dishes are deeply rooted in the history of the islands and have been perfected here.

Poké, which actually originated in Hawaii, is a staple dish that combines all the best flavors and seafood that Hawaii has to offer. A Polynesian delicacy, Poké is now more popular than ever, but to be able to have fresh seafood right from the island’s shores to your table is a sensory expense that is too amazing to describe.

Though not commonly known, Shaved ice is a very popular Hawaiian dessert. You can find ice shavers all over the islands, offering hundreds of different flavors to accommodate any palate. From the commonly loved watermelon and cherry to unique flavors like pickled mango and cold brew, you can find whatever you are in the mood for.


5. Going to Goat Island to see…Birds?!


Though it may seem a little misleading, there are no goats on Goat Island, the small paradise North of Honolulu. In fact, it is actually a native seabird sanctuary.

Home to hundreds of Albatros, Brown Boobys, and other native birds Goat island is a bird watcher’s dream. Located in the more remote area of Northern Oahu, this getaway is also a great way to connect with yourself and take in the island. Just sit back and relax, just keep an eye out for the birds if you bring any snacks.


6. Voluntourism at its finest


It goes without saying that Hawaii’s natural heritage needs to be preserved no matter the cost. So wouldn’t it be amazing if you could give back to these amazing islands? You definitely can do so through voluntourism programs.

There are many options on Oahu alone that give visitors a chance to contribute to the beatification and natural maintenance of the island. From beach cleanups, the re-planting of native plants, wetland habitat initiatives, and wildlife learning opportunities there are many ways one can give back and fully connect with the islands we love.


To make any or all of these activities a reality this summer, check out our Hawaiian Adventure Program in Honolulu now!

Aloha a Mahalo!

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