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5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Europe

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If you scroll through your phone you see endless study abroad options, and with that, there can be a great deal of confusion when it comes time to decide which one is the best option. I’m here to tell you that if you don’t study abroad in Europe, you’re missing out. Whether it is Greece, Italy, Sweden, Spain, or wherever you want to study in Europe, there are countless unique and fantastic cultures and sites to see. For those who want to study abroad, there are many destinations that international students may choose from; New Zealand, the United States, and Australia tend to be popular, and China and Singapore seek attention because of their growing economies, but Europe offers great benefits for studying abroad in its countries. Through this article, I am going to explore the rewards of visiting them. Check out the 5 reasons to study abroad in Europe:


1. Universities in Europe Provide Job Opportunities


You set up your career for success by studying abroad in Europe. In many European countries like the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, etc, they make an effort to convince foreign graduates to stay after university and work in their countries. This means that if you choose to study in Europe, you increase your chances that you will get a job offer and can stay for a longer term if you desire. Higher education institutes in Europe offer world-class education with high-quality Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in basically every field. Studying abroad in high school gives you the chance to find a country that you may want to return to for college. It allows you to experience it for a shorter duration thereby giving you the chance to get a sense of what life is like in that country. So why not take advantage of study abroad opportunities and experience what the continent has to offer. Don’t know where to start exactly? Check out some of the countries that you can study abroad in.


2. Excellent Educational System


For international students seeking the best education, Europe is ready to satisfy that desire. The quality of teaching is constantly monitored and improved by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), created through the Bologna Process. The EHEA ensures the compatibility and comparability of the educational systems in Europe. It means that European universities cannot afford to let their standards slip and are motivated to continue improving. Therefore, European countries are known for their long-standing tradition of learning and education. In fact, the very first high-learning institutions were founded in ancient Greece.

Education has always been an essential part of the European way of life and thus, these countries give priority to education. Universities in Europe have modern facilities, the best educators, and state-of-the-art technology. From standard textbooks to rare first-editions, their libraries house an extensive collection of books that will definitely quench your thirst for knowledge. Students who study in Europe have a wide range of high-quality institutions available to choose from; Oxford and Cambridge (UK) are an example of the many highly regarded universities.


3. European Culture Fascinates Students Across the Planet 


Due to its wide variety of cultures, Europe has a rich history that is vibrant and enticing in its own unique way. Music and the arts flourish in Europe, but it’s also the cradle of Western civilization; it’s home to many philosophers, politicians, economists, and scientists who have gifted a wealth of knowledge to the world. The UK and Europe are the places to be for aspiring philosophers, scientists, and artists alike. Additionally, one can visit the birthplaces of Shakespeare, Charles Darwin, Oscar Wilde, among others.

Cities such as London, Edinburgh, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam, etc. house cultural treasures such as beautiful cathedrals, museums, festivals, authentic shops and eateries. Hundreds of years of history have culminated in fantastic cultures and languages that are unique to this part of the world. What can be more wonderful than studying in one of the most beautiful parts of the world?


4. Experience People From All Over the World


Europe is incredibly multicultural. As soon as you visit any major European city like London or Paris, you’ll instantly realize that you are not alone in being a foreigner. Europe is not only home to some of the biggest tourist attractions, but also to millions of immigrants from all over the world. You’re bound to find people from different countries staying in and visiting the same places as you, no matter what time of year. So not only will you be exposed to the cultures already established in Europe, but also those of the people touring around you. This incredible diversity will equip you with a new perspective and appreciation of the world that will last a lifetime (and be great for college applications and job interviews!).

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5. Travel Opportunity


If you are overwhelmed by which city to study in, don’t worry! Studying abroad in Europe creates opportunities to visit other nearby cities and countries; so regardless of whether you pick one city or multiple to study in, you can explore further. A residence permit or student visa of any European country, with the exception of the UK and Norway, entitles you to visit other countries that are part of the Schengen area. If you choose to study in the UK, it is easy to obtain a Schengen visa in London. Additionally, transportation is relatively cheap between European cities and countries compared to the US, therefore you can explore more while staying within your budget. And finally, the Euro, is used in most European countries (except the UK), so it’s easy to travel without worrying about exchange rates.

With so many countries, full of rich culture, opportunities, and beautiful, historic sites, why not study abroad in Europe?

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  1. Europe – Berlin, France, Belgium, Poland – excellent destinations for studying, I completely agree with you. You know, if I had the opportunity, I would try to study in each of these countries. And the university campuses of old European universities look fabulous!
    It is a pity that many opportunities have now become unavailable (due to the current situation). But I hope that everything will return to normal soon.

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