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5 Apps You Need When Traveling Abroad
by Staff, Imani Bashir

5 Apps You Need When Traveling Abroad


Traveling abroad brings a host of questions of the unknown.

“What if I lose my phone?”
“What if I get lost?”
“How can I communicate with my family/friends without a huge phone bill?”
“Is there more to this city?”

Never fret because the answers are readily available. Technology has made it much more comfortable to travel without much worries. With the download of apps, you can get all the answers to these questions, at the touch of a button.

Here are 5 apps you need when traveling abroad:


1. WhatsApp/Viber
Whatsapp and Viber application icon

Although these count as 2, they carry similar functions. Whatsapp is one of the most widely used apps in the world and an asset to any traveler. WhatsApp is accessed in over 180 countries and allows you to keep in touch with friends and family. WhatsApp and Viber are free and allow you to send texts, voice messages, as well as, make video and regular calls with an internet connection. With these apps, you can also share documents, images, other media and the user location. Viber, like Whatsapp, also allows you to create a group chat, which is great when traveling with many people.


2. Prey Anti-Theft
Prey Anti-Theft app for traveling abroad

This app is awesome in the event your phone is stolen or misplaced. This app comes equipped with GPS geolocation, a security alarm, camouflage (no one can see you have the app), and file retrieval just in case important documents are deleted (for an added fee). The app will even snap silent shots of the person who may have taken the device.


3. Google Maps
Google Maps for traveling abroad

This app, brought to you by Google, is an essential app to have in your travels. Google maps offers street maps, satellites images, traffic conditions set in real-time, and route preparation by foot, bicycle, public transportation or car. With this navigation app, you can also use directions without having to be connected to Wifi. Under its “save offline” function, it makes it easier to use in the midst of street travel.


4. Uber
Uber for traveling abroad

When using street transportation abroad, Uber is the ideal app. Uber is used worldwide and is a reliable option to go, over public transportation and cabs. With this app, you can get detailed information about the driver (name, photo), the car they’re driving (make, model, license plate), and look at their rating based on how pleased prior customers were. Uber also tells you how long it will take for your driver to arrive, display the route on the app map, give you an estimate of the trip cost and allow you to schedule rides, in advance.


5. Like A Local
Like a Local app for traveling abroad

Lastly, how about an app that puts you in the know of the local scene? Exclusive to some of the best European cities, Like A Local allows you to explore destinations off the beaten path. It gives you an exclusive pass to some of the hidden gems you wouldn’t find with a typical tour guide. This app’s content comes from selected locals who have lived in a specific city for years. With an “offline” map feature, you’re able to explore without the use of the internet.


About the Author

Imani Bashir is a writer, wife, & mother, who spent 5 years as a professional Broadcaster before a sporadic move to Egypt where she has taught English Literature and became a Supplemental Instruction Specialist & Consultant for ESL learners, worldwide. Imani travels for a living and wants to cultivate a narrative that says “women everywhere, can be anything they choose!”

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