College Admissions Counseling and ACT/SAT Test Prep with The Princeton Review

“To be prepared is half the victory.” Miguel de Cervantes

Every autumn brings three things without fail: changing leaves, brisk weather (most places), and for college hopefuls, applications. The admissions season is stressful for everyone, but there’s a way to alleviate some of that stress and take ownership of the admissions process. In a word? Prepare.

College-prep is a two or four week intensive test and admissions prep program designed to tackle the parts of the admissions process that most determine your success when applying to and making the transition to college: Standardized testing, the Common Application, the college selection process, and navigating residential life on campus. We bring together test prep and college counseling professionals to work with you daily (and one-on-one as needed) to tackle the SATs, the ACTs, and the Common Application while you experience college life living in a dorm on the Emerson College campus in downtown Boston, MA.

I was extremely pleased by the results of the SAT prep classes. Judging by the practice SATs we took, my score improved by more than 300 points, getting me exactly where I want to be.Tatiana D., Georgia

Standardized Test Preparation with The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is an industry leader in test preparation and their test prep professionals facilitate this portion of the College-prep program. Daily classes in SAT or ACT prep and four full-length practice tests are designed to help you achieve your best scores. They also offer our students their Satisfaction Guarantee and Fall Wrap-Up, an extra prep session free of charge the fall before you take your test.

With all of the stress surrounding college for the students, having a staff member so highly experienced and informed in the college search process was a key anxiety-reducing factor of the program.Emma H., Texas

The Common Application

Does the formula essays + forms + short-answer questions not equal your recipe for fun? Well, we would like to offer this solution: An afternoon class with a college counseling professional whose sole purpose is to use their background in English and experience with admissions to make your college application shine with your particular brand of awesomeness. You can expect to leave our program with 1-3 (depending on how far along you are in the process upon arrival) Common Application essays and short answer questions completed aka ready to submit!

During the two weeks that I spent in Boston, I matured, made friends, and got a taste of college life. I feel more prepared for my future, both during and beyond college.Tatiana D., Georgia

The College Selection Process: Counseling and Campus Visits

Applying to college is much more than crafting a great essay. Depending on where you apply you will need to submit a resume, work sample(s) and you may need to sit for an interview with an admissions representative. Not to mention selecting the best schools to fit your goals…Not a problem. We have this covered. Things like resume crafting workshops, mock-interviews, and identifying and comparing financial aid packages and scholarship opportunities are all offered optionally during the program. And in regards to selecting schools? Boston is the optimal location for campus visits. Even if you are not interested in applying to Boston University, Tufts, U. Mass Amherst, Babson, Northeastern or M.I.T., preparing for a campus visit (knowing what questions to ask, what to look for, when to go, and who to talk to) are vital skills our weekly campus visits will help you acquire.

As a program, we were able to enjoy many outings, including a tour on the Duck Adventures Boat, an afternoon at Quincy Market, an outing at Revere Beach, and my personal favorite, a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art.Emma H., Texas

Residential Life at Emerson College

“The dorm” is a central part of any college experience. By living on Emerson’s campus, you’ll get to experience this part of college life ahead of time (with the added benefit of your Abbey Road staff members living in the same building). You’ll be on the college “meal plan,” live in campus dorms with your Abbey Road peers and be expected to manage your daily schedule and look after your dorm space (yes we mean pick up after yourself and do your own laundry). In your free time (and respecting our safety guidelines) you’ll be ideally located to easily take advantage of the excitement of Boston’s city center, historic neighborhoods, waterfront and famous Theater district with friends.